Are You Stuck, Stressed or Struggling in a Life, Career or Business You Have No Passion For? Well, I Have Great News For You! I Have Created a 'FREE' 7 Day Video e-Course to Help You Change That. - Hi, I'm Greg De Tisi Coach of 10 Years, Author of 25 Books and I Have a Simple Proven Solution 'Anyone' Can Use to Create a New Passion Driven Life which is Already Changing Lives Globally! 

May I ask - are you burned out? Do you hate your work? Do you have no interest in it OR maybe you are doing something just for the money? Perhaps you earn great money, but you are feeling un-fulfilled? There is a solution! I'm glad you landed here as I will show you exactly what that is and how it can change everything for YOU. You will want to check out the videos below to learn the simple steps I have used to help hundreds of people all around the world to create passionate sustainable lifesyles by design, using processes which anyone can use. Here's how....  

VIDEO 1 - We go over your 'core' - meaning we tap into your inner skills, passions & talents to find answers

VIDEO 2 - We will then look at these various areas and see 'how' we may develop these further

VIDEO 3 - Next we will do some research into 'how' your passions can translate into a NEW Life, Career or Business model

VIDEO 4 - We will match your skills, talents, passions into a market need or demand

VIDEO 5 - We will touch on 'how to' stand out from the crowd to gain market share or in a new career

VIDEO 6 - Now we can look at what tools and resources are needed 

VIDEO 7 - We finally look at the actions you need to take and your role in this

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Robert L Personal Trainer / Entrepreneur - Working with Greg 's course and his coaching has helped me to grow my revenue and business every week. He is very knowledgeable and helped me come up with some realistic simple strategies to grow my business which have transformed by business growth thanks to Greg, and having a weekly meeting with him has helped me to stay on track. I'd definitely recommend Greg as a business coach/mentor.  

Anna P Restaurant Manager - Greg is a kind and great guy, professional and very flexible and I found his video course and sessions incredibly powerful. He really helps you break down your goals into manageable pieces and strategies. I walked away from this training knowing exactly my next steps and I am living a life I designed. I couldn't be happier. Best of all - he genuinely cares about your success! Thank you Greg! 

Jacob J Entrepreneur - Working with Greg's course was amazing. He is very detailed and knowledgeable and truly teaches you what you need to succeed. No nonesense. Just real techniques, strategies and the powerful ways to achieve the passion, vision, success and goals you desire. He is one of the very few people who really understands how things work, and he is willing to share it. His help was tremendously helpful for me - a truly life changing experience, which also happened when I really needed it. I personally recommend him to all my good friends that I think might need his help. With his help I've been able to go from having only a vague vision of where I wanted to be and my goals, having very little confidence in my skills and not knowing my purpose, to having a crystal clear vision of my goals and purpose. I've developed great confidence in my skills and he has helped me begin building my new business and gain a great following. I am forever grateful for his help. 10/10

Nick M Inventor Entrepreneur - Greg has helped me to realise what was truly important in my life like no-one has before. Seriously - I would say - don't waste time thinking about this just take action as Greg is an awesome Coach. These videos will simply change everything for you as they have done for me! I am thankful i trusted him, he is 'real ' unlike many 'so called' GURU'S and coaches who don't care.